Felix Zekveld, (FBZ ART) and Tymon Ferenc de laat (Me Like Painting)

Tymon from Me Like Painting  searches for contrast in it's many forms. His work is often being described as energetic with a touch of pop & street art. The choice ofsubjects vary, but often link back to his adventures abroad. In most of his work he mixes materials like acrylics, markers, and spraycans.

His pop-up gallery is found in the citycentre of Rotterdam, where he works together with trainees and volunteers to keep the gallery running. 

Here you can also find the work of Felix Zekveld with the Dutch Zebra and killing the decades

Felix Zekveld @

Two brothers created an online- platform for  presenting Vintage & new and home interior. In the news block you will see a selection of my work. And another article is about Queen Beatrix who officialy re-opened the Rijksmuseum in Holland

Twee broers creeerden een online- platform waarop zowel vintage als nieuw huisinterieur artikelen worden aangeboden.

Op de volgende link ziet u een selectie van mijn werk en het andere artikel bechrijft de officiele heropening door Koningin Beatrix van het Rijksmuseum